Terms of Use

PalPro Platform aims to provide a safe space for e-commerce and business exchange between business owners from different countries and Palestinian freelancers, and it preserves users' financial and moral rights in line with fixed terms and conditions. Therefore, we ask all users of PalPro to adhere to the Terms of Use set below, and not to register on the platform if none of them are agreed upon.


Validity of Personal Information

All freelancers and business owners of PalPro are obligated to add correct personal information to their accounts. They bear full responsibility in case that any wrong information is found and may disrupt projects’ publishing or progress, or impede the completion of financial transactions.


User Account in PalPro

If you want to join PalPro Platform, you must not create more than one account. You can follow up with the technical support team in case of any problem or defect in this account. PalPro’s users must also undertake that their accounts are exclusively owned by them and not share it with others, in order to be responsible for all activities and transactions that take place through it with other participants on PalPro.


Required documents for registration

PalPro has the right to ask users for some personal documents to verify the identity of the freelancer or business owner, such as the passport or ID. In case the document is not submitted, the platform may suspend the user's account temporarily until the required data is provided and verified by the technical support team.


Suspending Users Accounts

PalPro may have to suspend the user's account if it’s suspected to violate the terms of use shown on this page. The platform has the right to request the personal documents of this user to verify his\her identity and reactivate his\ her account.


Intellectual Property and Copyrights

The business owner owns the intellectual property and copyrights for any project that he\ she receives on PalPro Platform unless agreed otherwise at the beginning of the project. The freelancers in PalPro does not have the right to discuss any additional rights after starting work on the project or handing it over to the employer.

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