Privacy Policy

PalPro’s Privacy Policy is applied to all personal information collected and obtained from individuals on the platform. This policy explains how to deal with the personal information of PalPro users or visitors, the user's legal responsibility, accidental interruptions and unintended errors, the authority to use and share information, and the nature of content control on the Platform.


How we deal the information you provide on PalPro?

When visiting PalPro Platform and communicating with us, we are committed to securing your personal information, including your username and password, and other data such as mobile number, financial data, and others.


Exclusion of legal responsibility on PalPro

The user confirms that he\she explicitly agrees with the information usage policy of PalPro, and the platform is not liable for any damages, losses, or expenses that the user or any other party may incur as a result of improper use of the PalPro Platform or the inability to deal with the terms and conditions outlined on the home page.


What actions PalPro takes in case of service interruption or errors

PalPro Platform’s administration is keen on the continuity of the platform activities away from any problems that may lead to interruption of services for users. In case of an unintended defect or error, we hope that users wait for a period we identify to take the necessary measures to get PalPro services back on track as soon as possible.


Using and sharing personal information

PalPro administration is committed to maintaining the complete confidentiality of users information and not selling or sharing it with any third party that does not have the legal authority to reach it. We commit to use the personal information of users for beneficial purposes, such as developing the services that PalPro provides to its clients. Also, PalPro has the authority to use this information in case of contracting with a third party for the purpose of developing services and improving the level of performance, after committing not to share any information that violates the privacy policy. Besides, PalPro has the right to share personal information in case of any legal obligation that includes a judicial order to disclose specific information.


Censorship Laws on PalPro content

PalPro’s administration has full authority to monitor any type of content that the user may share on the platform and has the right to remove, delete, and modify any entries that may be inconsistent with the agreed terms and conditions of the platform without referring to the user. All types of content on PalPro are subject to local, international, and foreign copyright laws and international treaties, and according to which the content is protected and revised from any defect. When you subscribe to PalPro, you expressly consent to be bound by the copyright laws we display on your profile.

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